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Asia’s assets are growing at a tremendous pace. Most of the world’s largest institutions and foreign reserves are in Asia, and retail and private banking assets are growing at 20 per cent per annum. As Asia’s markets liberalise and mature, this money is increasingly becoming professionally managed and allocated.

Launched in 2000 AsianInvestor sits at the heart of this burgeoning sector of the finance industry. Covering everything from pension reform to portable alpha, AsianInvestor is written for the region’s institutional investors, its key distributors of investment products, the global funds and hedge funds community with an interest in Asia, and service providers to all of these organisations.

No other publication for Asia has equal penetration among institutions and distributors, nor the understanding of the changes taking place in the region’s asset management world – success has come from AsianInvestor’s high–quality independent journalism and research.

A multi–platform offering spanning in–depth monthly magazine and special supplements, live website and topical conferences connects the people driving the exceptional growth of this finance sector in Asia–Pacific with what they need to know to do business more effectively.


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