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Autosport is the UK's best-selling weekly motorsport magazine.

Revered by fans and industry personnel, it's the ultimate source of news and analysis, from Formula One and the World Rally Championship to the less glamorous but hugely important grass roots of club motorsport.

Autosport was launched in 1950, the same year as the first F1 World Championship and a time of huge growth for the British motorsport scene. The magazine has been close to the action and the industry in every decade since then, reporting on every major national and international race in the intervening years.

Autosport’s recruitment section is known by the industry as the place to go for jobs in motorsport, with positions ranging from entry level positions at national motorsport companies to senior roles at top F1 teams appearing within its pages.

Despite the pace of news and analysis in a weekly magazine Autosport also takes the time to bring more in depth features to its readers, particularly during the off season when more space can be devoted to such features. In recent years, a number of issues have been devoted to motorsport legends and guest edited by those close to the subject. Subjects for these specials have included Graham Hill (guest edited by Damon Hill), James Hunt (guest edited by Niki Lauda) and Jackie Stewart (guest edited by David Coulthard).

Alongside the magazine, the Autosport.com website is the world’s leading source of breaking motorsport news, serving a large and growing global audience and providing a range of additional services, including a WAP site and SMS services for major events.
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CirculationABC 24,438 (Jan – Dec 2012)
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