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In Brand Republic Conferences our vision is clear: marry the editorial insights and expertise of publications with the fresh research, innovation and experience of the conferences team to create events with unique content, innovative formats and to inspire and educate forward thinking marketing professionals.

Each of our conferences is exhaustively researched with end users to ensure each event provides real business solutions to everyday challenges facing our audiences. Our speakers are carefully selected according to end-user demand and each and we work closely with our sponsors and partners to ensure the highest standards are adhered to.

Many of our events are long established in their markets, Media360 has become the de-facto annual meeting for the UK most senior media executives, PR Week’s annual Crisis Communications event invariably attracts many of those communications directors who’ve featured extensively in the news in the past 12 months. Our obsession with detail has led us to run conferences on many niche topics such as Marketing to YouthOlder, Richer, Wiser and our ever popular series on Marketing to Parents.

In 2011, 3987 delegates attended Haymarket events to hear from 780 speakers.

Contacts at Brand Republic Conferences
Conference Enquiries
Katie Duckett, Conference Assistant
Email | Tel +44 (0) 208 267 4011

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