Campaign is the world’s leading business media brand serving the marketing, advertising and media communities

Launched as a weekly magazine in London in 1968, Campaign has blossomed into a globally-networked franchise providing real-time news and analysis by expert commentators in eight territories around the world. Apart from the UK, Campaign now serves the USSouth East AsiaIndiaChina, Japan, Turkey and the Middle East.

Campaign’s mission is to provide professionals from across the marketing, advertising and media communities with the creative firepower they need to attract and delight consumers. In doing so, we help strengthen brands and enhance their business success, as well as advancing the careers of all those throughout the value chain who create the magic and turn it into profit.

In particular, Campaign is championing the new breed of creative brand-builder – the people who are disrupting and re-shaping our industry – and exposing the mediocre advertising that turns off consumers and stirs them to download ad-blockers.

At a time of rapid change, when re-invention has become the new normal, we have to change too. So, from May 2016, we have united Marketing, Media Week and Brand Republic under the Campaign banner and bringing together an enlarged team of specialist journalists.

This bold move reflects the blurring of professional disciplines across the marketing, advertising and media communities.

For jobseekers and recruiters, we have a new recruitment site, Campaign Jobs, where the biggest brands and brightest stars come together. The new job site creates a community hub for bold marketers, creative disruptors, digital thinkers, advertising mavericks and Ad tech innovators. It is the place to find the best jobs and careers advice. For those recruiting, it's where you'll find the smartest and most capable candidates. 

And for businesses seeking to shape their thinking and amplify their voice, we are utilising our own editorial skills to develop our Content Lab service. Finally, we are expanding our portfolio of events, both conferences and awards. 

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