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Campaign India A List

The most looked forward to event in the calendar: The Campaign India A List party

Till the launch of the Campaign India A List (a brilliantly produced book that recognises the most influential professionals in the ecosystem), India had no source that kept professionals informed of the people that matter.

The Campaign India A List party, where the book is launched, sees the people in the book in attendance. The first year saw as many as 260 of the A Listers gather for an exclusive party at the Hyatt Regency in Mumbai. The event was sponsored by NDTV Media, a brand that added to the richness of the event.

Contacts at Campaign India A List
Bindu Nair Maitra, Head of Conferences
Email | Tel +91 (22) 24962730
Advertising and Sponsorship
Andrew ‘Jim’ James, Publisher
Email | Tel +91 (22) 24962730

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