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Each fortnight, Campaign India brings readers a wrap up of the news in the fortnight gone past. In addition, there is a high level of debate by professionals on the most important issues of the moment, through features such as Live Issue and Double Standards. High performers are profiled in detail each fortnight. The back of the book brings to the reader illustrated news of the latest creatives to have broken, including detailed credits of those who created the communication. Private View sees these creatives discussed and debated by two professionals each fortnight. Finally, the editorial and the opinion pieces discuss industry issues and happenings, seeking to raise awareness and find industry-wide consensus on the issues.

Vital statistics
Circulation7,500 copies (per issue)
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Contacts at Campaign India
Gokul Krishnamoorthy, Editor
Email | Tel +91 (0) 22 4302 5030
Suresh Ramakrishnan, Publisher
Email | Tel +91 (0) 22 4302 5001
Priya Iyer, Group Advertising Manager
Email | Tel +91 (0) 22 4302 5011

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