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Campaign India (www.campaignindia.in) is part of the Campaign Asia-Pacific online network, Asia’s leading marketing, media, advertising and PR magazine and website.

The site gives readers daily, succinct updates on the news that matters to them, including account movements, people movements and breaking campaigns.

We encourage readers to get involved by unmoderated comments, and their involvement and comments make the content instantly richer.

The judicious use of bulletins for breaking news and newsletters for daily and weekend updates makes it easy for readers to keep abreast on all that matters in India’s dynamic advertising, media and marketing industries. A weekly blog by the editor is looked forward to by readers.

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Contacts at campaignindia.in
Gokul Krishnamoorthy, Editor
Email | Tel +91 (0) 22 4302 5030
Suresh Ramakrishnan, Publisher
Email | Tel +91 (0) 22 4302 5001
Priya Iyer, Advertising sales
Email | Tel +91 (0) 22 4302 5011

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