Our culture

Ask anyone at Haymarket “what’s it like?” and they’ll say the same thing: our people are our greatest asset.

Our 'workmates' are friends

The culture's friendly, vibrant and sociable, and we have just as much fun after hours, too - be it drinks with colleagues, awards ceremonies, sports teams or our infamous annual Haymarket Awards.


Join our team

Those friends also happen to be formidably talented professionals

To be “Haymarket”, you are already an expert in your field, or you have the potential to become a one (and we have the people and structured support to get you there). There’s a relaxed vibe in our offices. We want people to be themselves – no need for stuffy suits and formal meetings.

We know that one size doesn't fit all.

We give you the tools to work flexibly, move around our environment freely and collaborate with your colleagues. Our success is determined by the unique, open and friendly culture we have, while remaining commercially focused and results-driven at all times.

You set the ceiling.

As well as job-related skills, we know the importance of personal development. Our people are keen to help and learn from each other in a mentoring environment and feedback happens all the time – sometimes just over a cup of tea. This makes us a true meritocracy: if you’re great at what you do we’ll give you the headroom to grow.

We believe in opportunity and diversity

We recognise our diverse portfolio of award-winning brands are only as good as the people who create them. 
So we’re committed to ensuring our teams are populated by the very best talent.  We foster talent, equality and diversity in all areas of our company. 

Read our latest Gender Pay Gap Report here.