Caples Awards
The 2014 Caples Awards has evolved
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Caples Awards

The 2014 Caples Awards has evolved. It’s no longer just an awards program; it also includes a day-long summit on creative in the age of data. Register today - and join us in New York to talk future strategies with top international creatives.

In the revamped Caples, there are no more wardrobe changes and no more cramped dinner tables. The Caples Courageous Creative Summit and Reveal is designed to encourage conversation and networking during the sessions and awards program - with far more than just the five other people at a table.

Join us for a day-long summit to network, learn from, and interact with a notable group of international creative leaders, including the Caples judges. Day turns to night and the discussion continues as you mingle, sip cocktails, and view the world’s most creative work in a reveal that is bound to leave you inspired well into 2013.

Don’t miss the all new Caples. Like the courageous work it showcases, it’s bolder and braver than ever. And it’s designed to encourage interaction among the greatest minds in the business.

Join us on November 12th to be a part of the year’s most magnificent event.

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