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FourFourTwo is the world’s most insightful, accessible and humourous football brand. Everything we do is about football (or “the beautiful game” as some call it) and everything we do is crafted with our unerring love of the game. Considering that we’re born and bred in England, it’s hard to believe that when FourFourTwo decided to launch its football magazine we did it after the 1994 World Cup – a competition that England failed to qualify for, leaving the nation in a state of despair about football. Launching at this time was an act of madness, surely?! But launch we did, and now FourFourTwo has grown into one of the world’s most influential football brands, comprising the world’s biggest football magazine, a tablet edition of the magazine, the most insightful football website and the hugely successful Stats Zone app and browser-based statistical analysis tool, to name but four areas of the brand. 

As a brand, FourFourTwo has seen the world of football change dramatically since we launched. We are uniquely placed as a brand to remember the good old days but we’ve lived through the modern era, giving us a close understanding of what everyone from footballers themselves to brands in the game want to talk about. We’re as happy chatting about €90 million players as we are rancid meat pies consumed on a rain-soaked terrace.

FourFourTwo magazine remains one of the most respected football publications in the world, read by fans and people inside the game alike. We hold a special bond of trust in the game, which means players want to talk to us because we know how to talk to them. 

If evidence of FourFourTwo success was required, take a look at our international licensing roster, which now covers some 15 editions and syndication deals spanning the entire globe from Mexico to China. From humble English beginnings, FourFourTwo is now a truly global football brand.

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