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As the only German magazine that covers both pre and post-funeral topics, Friedhofskultur offers expert information regarding funeral gardening, weeding techniques, machinery or cemetery administration.

Targeting administrators, local authorities and gardeners within this particular field, Friedhofskultur is the undisputed must-read for anyone involved in the German funeral horticulture industry.

Published monthly, the magazine offers its readers the latest news on design, technology, products, business administration or legal issues.

Being the only magazine covering this niche within the German market, Friedhofskultur provides a unique opportunity to allow advertisers to reach a small but valuable target group through the publication.

It is important to note that advertising campaigns which run in Friedhofskultur reach their target group without realising much financial loss.

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Contacts at Friedhofskultur
Evelin Scheibe, Editor
Email | Tel +49 531 38 00 413

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