Gb - Das Magazin für den Zierpflanzenbau
Das Magazin für den Zierpflanzenbau
Gb - Gärtnerbörse (GER )
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Gb - Das Magazin für den Zierpflanzenbau

Gb - Das Magazin für Zierpflanzenbau is the monthly German title for professionals involved in the production, marketing and supply of ornamental plants.

Each month, the magazine covers topics such as marketing, cultivation, technology, pest management and business administration.

Experienced journalists provide both an overview and a detailed look at the latest developments in production and business, and readers regard the content as a solid foundation for building on their business knowledge.

Advertisers can be sure to reach the vast majority of the professionals in ornamental plant production via this platform. Promotions are highly effective due to the tightly defined target group all green titles from Haymarket provide.

As well as the main publication, The Branchenbuch Zierpflanzenbau is another publication produced under the Zierpflanzenbau banner. Leading industry individuals use it as the standard reference book for this part of the horticulture industry.

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