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g&v – Gestalten & Verkaufen

Whether they’re after creative ideas or commercial advice g&v – Gestalten & Verkaufen, is the essential German magazine for florists and garden retailers.

Issued monthly, it offers information on seasonal trends, current marketing concepts, example calculations and point-of-sale presentation guidance.

Having been a practical advisor for years, florists and shop owners appreciate the easily accessible content in g&v.

The g&v team provides useful articles and advice for its readers' everyday work. The fact that the content gives them ideas and tips on how to increase their revenue and/or reduce their business costs is greatly valued by its readers.

The high regard g&v receives within its target sector makes the magazine highly attractive for advertising customers.

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Contacts at g&v – Gestalten & Verkaufen
Email | Tel +49 30 27 89 43 0

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