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Haymarket Business Media is Europe's most significant publisher of horticultural media in two of its biggest markets – the UK and Germany.

In the UK, what is now the Horticulture Week brand has been in existence since 1841. Its principal arm is the business magazine Horticulture Week, whose readers include flower and fruit and vegetable growers, nurseries, landscapers, arboriculturalists and parks managers.

In Germany, the TASPO brand dominates horticultural publishing. Founded in 1881, it includes TASPO; TASPO GaLaBau Report; Gestalten und Verkaufen and Florist; Deutsche Baumschule; Friedhofskultur; TASPO GartenDesign; Gb Das Magazin fur Zierpflanzenbau; and TASPO Baumzeitung.

The TASPO brand also includes an awards show, guides and yearbooks.

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