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Billed as ‘The magazine that delivers extraordinary experiences’, Jaguar Magazine is the official magazine of Jaguar Cars, and is produced in 11 different languages for a global audience.

Since Jaguar sits firmly in the prestige car market, manufacturing innovative and seductive sports cars, its customer magazine must be dynamic, inspirational and aspirational, relevant to both existing and potential customers.

The publication is a key tool for establishing Jaguar’s brand positioning, while at the same time driving new car sales. It does this by conveying Jaguar’s expertise in the fields of design, technology, craftsmanship and performance through expert writing and bespoke photographic shoots.

The magazine connects readers with Jaguar and its brand values while reaffirming the owners’ purchase decision, thereby increasing customer loyalty. Jaguar’s cars, products and people are central to the content mix, but the magazine also captures a much broader luxury lifestyle by carrying features with relevant brands, people, subjects and places.

Vital statistics
FrequencyTwo issues per year
DistributionApproximately 150,000 copies per issue

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