Monthly Prescribing Reference
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Monthly Prescribing Reference (USA )
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Monthly Prescribing Reference

MPR and its Specialty Editions deliver concise and up–to–date FDA–approved drug information on prescription and over–the–counter drug products. Launched in 1985, it’s circulated to over 150,000 primary care physicians, including FMs, GPs, IMs, Cardiologists, Allergists, Immunologists and Gastroenterologists.

Each edition contains concise product monographs that list the brand and generic name, manufacturer, class, indications, dose, contraindications, precautions, interactions, adverse reactions and how supplied. In addition, it contains new drug reviews, news and developments in drug therapy, Therapy and Product Classification Charts, Prescribing Notes and Manufacturers’ Index.

All editions are edited by our staff of pharmacists and reviewed by our board of physicians and each publication is digest-sized (5”x8”) for portability.

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