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The MPR website – eMPR.com – is an online compilation of drug data from all Prescribing Reference publications.

Visitors have access to an instant search by brand, relevance, date and generic or therapeutic category.

Accompanying each drug monograph is a series of related resource options, such as drug news, sponsored alerts, pharmacology notes, clinical charts, similar drugs and recent updates to the data. Users can also compare drugs, side by side.

All of this is available as a download, eMPR, which is sent to PDA/Desktop/Laptop for complete access through user’s fingertips.

All features, information and contributions are written and edited by pharmacists, which eliminates the chance of erroneous or ill researched information.

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Contacts at eMPR.com
Jenny Ko, Director
Email | Tel +1 646 638 6128
Tammy Chernin, SVP
Email | Tel +1 201 799 4831

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