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Established in 1955 as Motoring News to deal with issues concerning the general motorist, Motorsport News magazine didn’t have the most auspicious of starts...

Our first issue featured a campaign to ban flashing indicators, the success (or not) of which can be seen on every road car today.
Thankfully, the early editors of Motoring News soon realised that they were far better suited to covering the growing world of motorsport. Road car coverage was quickly cut back, and Motoring News became the Voice of British Motorsport, with unrivalled in-depth coverage of every level of racing and rallying.

In 2001, the publication was renamed Motorsport News, to better reflect what it had been covering for decades. But we don’t mind people who still call it Motoring News. Lots of the staff still do…

Motorsport News has always prided itself on a no-nonsense approach: whether writing about Formula 1 or BTRDA car trials, Motorsport News tells you what you need to know with an engaging mix of fact and opinion. That has made Motorsport News essential reading for everyone in the motorsport community, whether they are fans, competitors, team bosses or mechanics.

While Motorsport News is proudly focused on the British market, our digital edition, Facebook and Twitter accounts have helped to increase the brand’s profile around the world in recent years. That means it is read by anyone who is interested in the British motorsport industry, or in the unrivalled depth and scale of our World Rally Championship coverage.

Vital statistics
CirculationABC 10,866 (Jan – Dec 2012)
Contacts at Motorsport News
Alastair Lewis, Group Publisher
Email | Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 8606
Martin Lee, Sales Manager
Email | Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 5389
Alastair Lewis, Licensing Director
Email | Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 8606
List rental, reprints and syndication
Rutchie Gill, Account Manager
Email | Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 4654

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