FourFourTwo announces new partnership in South Africa and digital expansion in France

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FourFourTwo has announced major expansions into France and South Africa via partnerships with publishers in those territories.

Expanding Haymarket’s existing licensing deal with Wanaka Editions in France, FourFourTwo will now become a multi-platform content partner; meanwhile, a partnership with Highbury Media in South Africa is going live on 8th May 2017.

Highbury Media (HM) is the largest independent magazine publisher in South Africa and the country’s leading sports content publisher with a number of well-established sports magazine brands, websites and social media channels. Wanaka Éditions is a french company that has been in existence for almost 12 years.

Under the terms of the new deals, FourFourTwo will provide the local partners with digital content – such as previews, interviews and analysis – to give them the inside track on the beautiful game.

FourFourTwo is positioning itself for strong growth in new markets and distribution channels reaching football fans around the globe, connecting with more than 20 markets through global partners. The two new digital partnerships will advance FourFourTwo’s strategic vision to build digital capabilities in pursuit of becoming the world’s market-leading football media brand.

“We are really excited about the launch of and believe the brand fits well with Highbury Media’s positioning as the leading publisher of sports magazines and digital sports content in South Africa," says Tony Walker, Managing Director at Highbury Media. “We are a soccer-mad nation and look forward to growing into a dominant position as a leading soccer brand in the South African market.”

Alastair Lewis, Haymarket Consumer Media's Group Director, said: “I'm delighted to welcome our new partnership for FourFourTwo. The agreement is a great example of the ways we are working with partners around the globe to extend our brands and take our content to new audiences.”

FourFourTwo is growing its global footprint and reach football enthusiastic readers in 20 countries. If you are interested in a partnership with FourFourTwo to bring football news and analysis to your readers, please contact


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