Top scores for Haymarket in the CIPS Sustainability Index

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Haymarket has scored well above the benchmarked average in the CIPS Sustainability Index.

Haymarket registered with the CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) Sustainability Index in 2015. The Index is an audit of an organisation's performance on environmental, economic and social sustainability:

  • Social - employment practice, philanthropy, people management and development

  • Economic - corporate governance, financial robustness and innovation

  • Environmental - environmental management, waste management, sustainable sourcing

Haymarket's latest scores were as follows, with other media companies’ benchmarked scores in brackets:

  • Social - 89% (78%)

  • Economic - 82% (72%)

  • Environmental - 85% (75%)

Gary Charlton, Head of Procurement, said: "It is great to see that, once again, Haymarket has improved its Index scores. It is always reassuring to see our hard work acknowledged by an independent audit, and proves beyond doubt that we are is leading the way on sustainability in the media sector.

"Our incredible increase is a justified acknowledgement of the work that has been done on the Haymarket Skills Academy and our apprenticeship scheme, environmental accreditations and initiatives, charity work, and sustainability in the supply chain. Everyone that has contributed to this should be very proud of their work.

"This year we will continue to focus on building on our work on the Modern Slavery Act and improving our environmental performance."

For more information on Haymarket’s contribution, visit this page.

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