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07 Jul 2011 12:18

Brand Republic’s News of the World coverage

The Brand Republic Group has done an exemplary job reporting the huge News of the World/News International story over the past couple of days.

Arif Durrani’s central news team has broken a stream of revelations since the story caught fire earlier this week, including news of various advertisers pulling their support from the paper and statements from News International executives.

The stories have been disseminated via social media, with even BBC business editor Robert Peston retweeting BR stories.

Team members have also been interviewed on national, and international, TV and radio programmes.

Rich Sutcliffe, editor of Brand Republic has appeared on two BBC World Service sessions, one for an hour, BBC News 24 on Wednesday morning, and Sky News on Tuesday night. Unfortunately Rich was unable to feature on the Today programme on Wednesday, but has been asked to do appear on Thursday morning’s Sunrise with Eamonn Holmes.

Rich said: “I think it’s fair to say we are completely across this story and taking full advantage of the opportunities to put BR et al at the centre of it as it unfolds.”

Danny Rogers, editor in chief of Brand Republic Group, was interviewed by BBC News Channel on Tuesday evening, CBC (Canada’s BBC) on Wednesday afternoon and Sky’s Jeff Randall show on Wednesday evening.

Danny said: “Brand Republic’s coverage of this fascinating story has been rigorous and powerful. It shows just how much reporting and news breaking talent resides within our team. We are the absolute global authority on marketing, advertising and media affairs.”

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