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02 Aug 2011 11:56

CMIA Exclusive Partners of The Carbon Show 2011

The Carbon Market Investors Association (CMIA) has become the exclusive event partner to The Carbon Show 2011. This highlights the importance of providing carbon market professionals a platform to debate and discuss key climate change initiatives, as well as doing business in London – the carbon capital.

The Carbon Show focuses on clean, green growth – with a free to attend exhibition and dedicated seminars.

Zoe Ingle, show manager for Haymarket Business Media, commented on the new partnership: “We are delighted that the CMIA recognises that The Carbon Show offers a valuable forum for thought leaders, policy makers and industry experts to share the best practice and influence future carbon policies.”

The CMIA and The Carbon Show’s editorial team have produced comprehensive seminar programmes including interactive, case study led series of seminars and sessions dedicated to climate finance and the role of carbon markets in funding a low carbon future.

Miles Austin, CMIA director, shared enthusiasm for the collaboration: “We’re very excited about using the expertise and network of our membership, as well as the platform of The Carbon Show to create an event where climate finance thought leadership is forged, alongside actual business deals.”

Ingle said: “We are confident that this new partnership offers carbon market participants an excellent forum to do business, whilst at the same time addressing key issues facing the current global carbon markets here in London.”

The extensive programme continues to be a draw at this years show featuring high profile speakers including: Lord Heseltine from Haymarket Group, Yvo de Boer from KPMG, Jonathan Garrett from Balfour Beatty, Steven Gray from Climate Change Capital and Martin Hession from Department of Energy & Climate Change.

Michael Heseltine, chairman at Haymarket Media group commented: “The determination expressed by government to transform Britain into a low carbon economy will not provide results unless companies are educated in how best to reduce their emissions. This, along with updates on legislation, is where The Carbon Show can provide businesses with the tools to comply with reduction commitments.”

Michael Heseltine will share his views and thoughts on how the government can support businesses to achieve these targets at the opening ceremony of show.

The Carbon Show is endorsed by political heavy weights and industry leaders alike. Chris Huhne, secretary of state for energy and climate change said: “The Carbon Show is bringing some of our best business brains together to share ideas and knowledge on how to capitalise on a shift to low carbon.”

The Carbon Show 2011 will also offer a dedicated CMIA pavilion to CMIA members who will be entitled to receive incentivised packages to exhibit, speak and participate in the event. This emphasises the importance of having a presence on the trade floor as a key place for CMIA members and attendees to have meetings and do business.

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