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09 Oct 2012 14:15

Network creates new Jaguar Magazine app for F-TYPE sports car

Nothing else on the road looks, handles or even sounds like Jaguar’s new F-TYPE. The sports car wowed crowds when it was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show recently but it won’t make its appearance in showrooms until 2013.

Jaguar lovers don’t have to wait that long to find out more about the car though. They can get ahead of the crowds and discover everything there is to know about F-TYPE on an exclusive, access-all-areas app.
Wondered how the car’s brakes can perform at 900°C, what Lana Del Rey has to do with the new sports car or what 186mph sounds like? You can find out all this and much more on the F-TYPE app.

Produced by Haymarket Network, the app will be updated several times a week with exclusive stories, behind-the-scenes footage and inside information from the key designers and engineers who have been involved in creating what is set to be one of the most important sports cars of the decade.

The app is currently available on iPad, with an Android version planned for the coming weeks.

Haymarket Network has also published Issue 01 of F Magazine, a large-format special for the launch of F-TYPE. The magazine, carrying purely F-TYPE content, has a print-run in excess of 200,000 and will be published in 14 languages and distributed in more than 30 countries.

The app is free to download from iTunes by following this link.

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