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27 Sep 2012 13:51

MIMS app wins PPA Digital Publishing Award

The MIMS app took home the Directory of the Year award at PPA Digital Publishing Awards in September.

The judges said they were particularly impressed by the instant accessibility of the app, with no internet connection required.

The app includes the popular drug comparison tables, matching the tables present in print and online, including insulin preparations, switching antidepressants and hormone replacement therapy, in a user-friendly mobile format. In addition, the app has been optimised for iPad.

With more than 16,000 downloads and a 4-star rating, the MIMS apps for Android and iPhone are proving a resounding success.

The MIMS app provides a convenient companion to the print and online versions of MIMS. At home, on the job or on the go, the essential prescribing resource is now even more accessible. Once downloaded, the information on the app is available for reference without an internet connection, although an internet connection is required for updates.

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