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30 Nov 2012 11:09

New IAAF website off the blocks

Haymarket Network’s rich sporting heritage has been further enhanced this week with the launch of a new website for the governing body of world athletics, the IAAF.

The new site marks the centenary celebrations of the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and offers the visitor a brighter, more visual experience and a raft of new features and functionality that opens up the IAAF’s immense statistical database of results, records and lists for the first time.

The site also allows the user to search the IAAF’s 25,000 news stories, almost 100,000 athletes and includes a new Disciplines section that allows fans to discover more about the various elements of the sport.   

The aim was to create a site that made athletics accessible to everyone. In order for new fans to be able to explore the site and learn about the sport as well as delivering a must-visit site for existing fans, athletes and administrators.

To do that Network had to bring the athletes and the disciplines to life with pages of editorial, stories, news and information that was easy to access. They also needed to open up the incredible statistical database that was sitting unseen within the IAAF, publish results for all IAAF sanctioned events, not just major events and create 16 rolling hub site for all major IAAF sanctioned competitions.

The main challenge was in delivering the database in a dynamic format for the first time. Network utilised the latest technologies including MongoDB to bring the data to life and deliver results and stats incredibly quickly.

Network also designed and built a bespoke content management system to enable the IAAF to manage the site internally going forward, something that was not possible before.

As the IAAF World Championships in Moscow in August 2013 nears Network will add more functionality and improve further on what has already been described as a great user experience.

IAAF Deputy General Secretary/Communications Director Nick Davies was the driving force behind the project. He said: ‘Haymarket Network has delivered a fantastic site that challenges the traditional idea of what a global sport governing body website should be,’

‘It has a fresh and vibrant look that brings the energy and atmosphere of athletics to life online. Perhaps most importantly it enables us to publish our results and stats database dynamically for the first time and gives us the flexibility to manage the site going forward.’

Haymarket Network Director of Sport Cormac Bourne is already looking forward to the future: ‘We are incredibly proud to have worked on such a prestigious project for the IAAF. They believed in Haymarket Networks technical abilities and creative thinking and we have delivered a world class site. Now we’re looking forward to working together with the IAAF to deliver a mobile version of the site.’

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