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14 Dec 2012 17:02

Haymarket Network launch the John Lennon Letters app

This week saw the launch of the John Lennon Letters app, designed and built by Haymarket Network. The John Lennon Letters app is a partnership between Orion Publishing and Haymarket Network.

The John Lennon Letters app is a unique collection of the private letters and correspondence of John Lennon, annotated and contextualised by Hunter Davies for a global audience of Lennon and Beatles fans.

The content featured within the app has been taken from the recent hardback volume The John Lennon Letters. Haymarket has selected 78 letters from the book to be included in the app, plus an additional 10 that are exclusive to the app itself. Users can access these letters by chronology, recipients, themes and exclusives.

The app offers a different but complementary experience to the hardback book. Users can explore supported notes, annotated contextual panels and even flip postcards to see both front and reverse of the article. All accompanied by a curated playlist of John Lennon Music via iTunes.  

All of the letters are read out by actor Christopher Eccleston and there is a recorded foreward from Yoko Ono.

The app is currently exclusive to iOS from the Apple Store. This will be the first app produced by Haymarket Network that is sold via the Apple store, rather than being available free of charge. Haymarket Network’s partnership with Orion sees the two parties sharing the resulting revenues.

Network’s Editorial Director, Simon Kanter comments: ‘John Lennon’s letters give a unique insight into the mind of one of the greatest musicians of our time. The app provides the perfect platform to share his story in the most compelling and engaging way possible.’

Prior to launch, the app was promoted by a global social media campaign on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. A promotional video viral was launched previewing exclusive content within the app.

You can download the app by following this link to the Apple Store.

To keep up-to-date with Haymarket Network and its current projects take a look at the Haymarket Network website or click here to follow the news on Twitter.

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