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29 Jan 2013 11:30

Haymarket Media Group ‘Goes Google’

Haymarket joins a fast growing group of major media organisations that have switched to cloud computing services to support growth and improve business communications.

With 2,000 employees across seven countries managing 75 brands, Haymarket has chosen to leverage the collaboration and productivity powers of Google Apps and will deploy the new platform in 14 locations across two continents over the next few months.
Haymarket is ‘Going Google’ to satisfy the following high-level objectives:
  • To improve communication and collaboration between global teams
  • To support rapid product development, innovation and enhance productivity within the group
  • To replace its existing Microsoft Exchange solution
  • To provide a platform where employees can stay connected, work together while maintaining high levels of quality, consistency and fueling the entrepreneurial spirit of the group
According to Haymarket's Group IT Director, Simon Turner, ‘there are many compelling reasons to switch to cloud computing services. Our decision was driven by a real desire to improve collaboration, innovation and to enhance productivity within the group. Google Apps was evaluated against competitor products and selected as the product suite that could help us do just that.
‘In planning to replace our existing Microsoft Exchange 2003 system, we calculated Google Apps would help us achieve key business outcomes at a competitive price. The decision to switch was carefully considered, ultimately Google’s more open solution won the day.'

Haymarket is using the services of Grove to support its switch to Google Apps.

For more information contact:
Emilie Reymond - Group Communications Manager - Haymarket Media Group
Tel: +44 20 8267 4058

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