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22 Jun 2009 16:19

F1 war helps autosport.com to record-breaking day

The threat of a breakaway grand prix world championship prompted a record-breaking day on autosport.com last Friday, when the website clocked up more than one million page views in 24 hours for the first time.

More than 130,000 unique users (individual visitors) visited autosport.com after it broke news of the rebel Formula One racing teams’ intentions just before midnight on Thursday. A team source dragged Jonathan Noble, Autosport group F1 editor, out of bed to tip him off about the story on the eve of the British Grand Prix.

Visitors also stayed on the site for twice as long as usual as they digested the implications of the rebel series, which is being threatened by eight of the leading teams as a long-running dispute over the governance of motor racing intensifies.

Autosport.com editor Simon Strang said: “It was one of our hardest days because it began at midnight and just didn’t seem to stop. There were stories coming at us from all angles, and the British Grand Prix is always pretty busy without any politics involved!

“But leading the world with the news made it all worthwhile and hopefully we can retain some of our new visitors as the story develops this week.”

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