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29 Sep 2010 15:00

Haymarket Network launches Jaguar Magazine iPad app

Haymarket Network has launched Haymarket Media Group’s first magazine iPad app.

This fully interactive new iPad app takes the very best of the print edition of Jaguar Magazine and adds extra images, exclusive information, maps and videos, allowing readers to explore Jaguar’s world in a whole new way.

Jaguar Magazine is the official magazine of Jaguar Cars. It features the new Jaguar XJ, XF and XK, and the worlds of luxury style, design and travel.

In this special-edition 75th anniversary issue, features include:

  • 75 fascinating facts about Jaguar’s heritage
  • In conversation: Jaguar design director Ian Callum and design guru Stephen Bayley
  • Exploring Jaguar’s speed and race heritage in the XKR
  • What 174mph feels like in the new XKR
  • Inside a Jaguar’s high-tech V8 heart
  • Jaguar’s 75 years of racing success

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