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17 Jun 2011 10:45

Windpower Monthly wins PPA award for Best Monthly Business Magazine

Haymarket’s Windpower Monthly has won the PPA award for Best Monthly Business Magazine in 2011.

The prestigious prize was collected by five members of the team at last night’s PPA awards dinner.

Philip Swinden, director of energy and environment publishing, said: “We are thrilled to win the award. It is much-deserved recognition for the brilliant performance of all 35 Haymarket staff that have helped drive the expansion of Windpower Monthly across events, digital, information services and print media.”

Lyn Harrison, editorial development director said: “Few industries have had the sheer good luck to be closely tracked from the start by a feisty, informed and above all, independent magazine dedicated to upholding the highest publishing standards. For the global team behind Windpower Monthly this prestigious award recognises 26 years dedicated to achieving excellence in everything we do. The growth of the title since its sale to Haymarket Media in 2008 has provided its customers with ever improved services.”

Windpower Monthly was chosen for the award because of substantial progress made in extending the title across a range of media formats whilst continuing to expand and improve core print services.

A content site was revamped in early 2010 which is now both profitable due to display advertising and attracts more traffic than any of its direct competitors. A new online tracker product was launched in September 2010 which enables subscribers to monitor developments across 4,500 wind farms and 5,000 companies. The magazine has also established a high-growth jobs site, research reports and events businesses – all of which operate globally.

The monthly magazine produced more print pages than ever before in 2010 and grew its ad revenues by 25% – mainly through doubling income on supplements and special projects.

Windpower Monthly’ win was one of two on the night for Haymarket. Marketing’s Helen Edwards won the PPA Columnist of the Year .

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