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PRWeek is the the leading title for the public relations industry in the US.

Over the years, PRWeek has established itself as a vital part of the PR and communications industries in the US by providing timely news, reviews, profiles, techniques and research for in-house and agency professionals.

News is updated each day online at PRWeekus.com, and distributed through a Daily Breakfast Briefing and Weekly Online edition.

PRWeek publishes a monthly print edition, which includes in-depth features, opinion, special reports and surveys. The full content of all PRWeek publications is available to subscribers only, online at prweekus.com.

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Pageviews178,887 (2011 monthly average)
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Contacts at PRWeekus.com
Julia Hood, Publisher
Email | Tel 646 638 6029
Steve Barrett, Editor In Chief
Email | Tel 646 638 6037
Joanna Harp, V/P Sales
Email | Tel +1 646 638 6170
Lauren Lombardo, Advertising Manager
Email | Tel 646 638 6032

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