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Renal & Urology News is an online (renalandurologynews.com) and print medical newspaper serving nephrologists and urologists in the US.

The publication’s main mission is to report on clinical news of interest to these specialists from medical conferences around the world as well as articles in peer–reviewed medical journals.

Complementing this news coverage are staff–written features, clinical review articles by nationally and internationally recognised physician experts (including articles for which doctors can earn Continuing Medical Education credit) and regular departments that deal with renal nutrition, legal issues, and finances.

The Renal & Urology News website provides visitors with timely reporting on breaking medical news, including extensive daily coverage of a number of major medical conferences. The site provides some editorial content not offered in the printed publication, including physician–authored articles, clinical quizzes, podcast interviews with researchers at medical conferences, ‘The Medical Minute’ (brief podcast reports on new medical discoveries) and searchable directories.

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Jody Charnow , Editor
Email | Tel +1 636 638 6089

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