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| International syndication


Haymarket Media Group has the world’s leading content across targeted niche areas in both consumer and business titles.

Our content is derived from award winning editors who work on our global brands. These global brands cover audiences across many targeted sectors in the consumer and business marketplace. Subjects include motoring, gadgets, football, marketing, pr, music, the environment, travel and leisure and much more.

Haymarket Syndication will provide you with:

  • Pictures
  • Articles
  • Features
  • Entire Magazine Sections
  • Articles/Images from our many websites
  • Awards and Conferences

We have a flexible business approach that allows you to work on a very cost effective basis. Whether this includes one-off deals, working over a contracted period, or on exclusivity. Get in touch, and we will work with you to design the perfect solution.

Paloma Gutierrez Keever, Syndication Manager
Email|Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 5396

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