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Haymarket Direct is a market-leading provider of names for email and direct mail marketing campaigns.

Haymarket Direct offers you access to the subscribers of over 30 market-leading business publications, as well as consumer and medical lists.

Our goal is to provide you with the most superior, up-to-date and comprehensive contacts available. And with over 500 job titles on our database, you have plenty to choose from. The quality of our publications creates the quality of our readership; that is why our database contains one of the best sources of leads in the country.

Haymarket Direct offer a full-service email broadcast facility. Our broadcasts are done in-house and as such we take care of every facet of your campaign: from helping to put together the right contact list to providing you with a detailed reporting suite after your broadcast, with full tracking and detailed campaign statistics.

In addition to our email services, Haymarket Direct will provide you with a targeted list for your postal campaign. Whether you know exactly who you are looking to target or you need some help finding the right list, Haymarket Direct’s experienced staff will help you find the perfect contacts. If you have yet to choose your mailing house then worry not—Haymarket Direct can assist in sourcing, setting up and fulfilling your campaign.

Haymarket Direct is a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

UK list rental
Purvika Patel, Data Sales Manager
Email|Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 4752
Asia List Rental
Michelle Tai, michelle.tai@haymarket.asia
Email|Tel +852 3175 1915
For US list rental (direct mail or email)
Wayne Nagrowski, Data Sales Manager
Email|Tel 845-201-5318

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