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Stuff’s visually dazzling mix of gadgets, gear and gags has made it one of the world’s biggest tech media brands. There is no-one who serves the pure, unfiltered joy of gadgets quite like Stuff does.

Since 1998, Stuff magazine has been an oracle for a generation of tech addicts. It’s been a companion to its devoted readership through a decade and a half of technological change and has documented and explained every major tech trend that’s emerged. It’s surfing just ahead of the curve, smiling from ear to ear. 

Stuff covers everything from neat new apps to heart-stoppingly pricey electric supercars: as long as it’s interesting, disruptive, beautiful, crazy, or all of the above, it’s fair game. Its heartland, though, is hardware: smartphones, tablets, TVs, cameras and the smart, connected gear that’s gradually transforming the world.

Stuff is home to the legendary Top 10 of Everything - the clearest and most concise buying guide on the planet. In addition you’ll find Hot Stuff, a quick and witty compendium of the biggest releases in the gadget world, investigations of emerging technology trends and group tests of all the gadgets, apps, games and services that matter. It’s not just about the newest kit either: Stuff’s Projects section also explains how to get more from the tech you already own. 

And Stuff is much more than just the fastest and funniest technology magazine on the newsstand. Stuff magazine’s website, Stuff.tv, filters the most important gadget news and happenings, keeping readers in the loop with the hottest technology and gadget reviews, videos, how-tos, interviews and features, all delivered in its witty and celebratory tone.

Then there’s the sublimely swipeable Stuff app. Taking the template of Stuff magazine, it’s built from the ground up to exploit the functionality of the iPad and iPhone and is stuffed to the virtual rafters with 360-degree photos, galleries and hands-on videos. A Stuff magazine PDF edition is also available from Zinio, which works on a wide variety of smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

Stuff is a truly international brand, with 25 licensed editions, a circulation of 1.36 million and over 680,000 monthly visitors to Stuff.tv. Stuff magazine’s online presence already spans the UK and Asia Pacific, and will soon be expanding into Europe and elsewhere in Asia. Global domination awaits.

Thanks to the passion of its writers and its welcoming tone, Stuff continues to attract devoted readers who contribute to thriving communities on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Stuff’s readership encompasses all ages and genders, bound by one common trait: an addiction to the shinier things in life. 

Put simply, Stuff is the smarter gadget media brand.

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