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The Clinical Advisor helps nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) to sharpen their professional skills and maintain good relations with their patients.

Relying heavily on case histories, The Clinical Advisor focuses on diseases and conditions commonly seen in primary care, especially hypertension, diabetes, infections and heart disease.

Material is written by staffers and outside contributors, who include physicians as well as NPs and PAs. The magazine also carries a legal department – prepared by a doctor/lawyer – that recounts actual malpractice cases. This teaches readers how to avoid costly litigation.

The Clinical Advisor circulates to 120,000 clinicians – 77,000 NPs and 43,000 PAs – covering every state and US territory.

Vital statistics
Circulation125,624 (BPA Dec 2010)
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Contacts at The Clinical Advisor
Joseph Kopcha, Editor
Email | Tel 646-638-6077
Thomas P Hennessy, Group Publisher
Email | Tel +1 646 638 6085
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