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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision is the world’s most trusted technology buyer’s guide, now available in print, online and through a dedicated app for smartphones and tablets.

With a 37-year heritage of providing clear, expert and independent advice, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine is established in eight countries around the globe: UK, France, India, Indonesia, Russia, Serbia, South Africa and Spain, reaching 1.6 million readers.

What’s more, the brand’s hugely successful website, whathifi.com, now delivers 13 million page impressions and 1.8 million unique users every month, with online traffic growing at a rate of 40% in 2012-2013.

Through news, reviews, videos and one-to-one online advice, its experts are helping millions of people get more from their music, movies and TV - however and wherever they want to enjoy them. And the site’s hugely popular forums attract a highly engaged audience who share a passion for the latest technology.

The dedicated test team puts an ever-widening array of consumer electronics - from the slimmest smartphone or tablet to the largest pair of hi–fi speakers - through its paces, in bespoke, unrivalled reviewing facilities. The results published in What Hi-Fi? magazine - summarised in the brand’s famous star ratings - have a global influence, shaping both the success and evolution of products, even from the industry’s biggest names.

The launch in 2012 of the whathifi.com shop now enables users to compare product prices online, check out the latest retail offers and find the best deal on the kit they want to buy.

The brand continues to extend its reach and influence via its media partnership with the International CES event in the United States, plus participation at key events such as The Gadget Show and Bristol Sound and Vision Show in the UK.

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