Haymarket Medical Education

Improving patient care by offering dynamic, measurable educational interventions to clinicians worldwide

Effective medical education programmes engage healthcare professionals and allow them to discover and explore a brand’s attributes. Haymarket Medical Education provides a complete solution, totally tailored to the needs of your audience.

Haymarket Medical Education prides itself on delivering high quality, engaging medical education. We have produced effective tailored medical education in association with renowned medical experts for over two decades.

Every year Haymarket Medical Education produces more than 100 unique medical education programmes in print, online and live. We cover all therapeutic areas in primary and secondary care.

Our medical brands worldwide include: GP, Cancer Therapy Advisor, Clinical Pain Advisor, Endocrinology Advisor, Inside Commissioning, McKnight’s, Medeconomics, Medical Marketing & Media, MIMS, myCME, Neurology Advisor, Oncology Nurse Advisor, MPR, PMD, Renal & Urology News, Psychiatry Advisor, and The Clinical Advisor.


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