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What Car? is the destination for no-nonsense, common sense car buying advice.

What Car?’s blend of authoritative comparison tests, consumer investigations, owner surveys, money-saving advice and comprehensive data make it the one-stop shop for new car buyers, whether online or on paper.

It is the essential car-buying guide, with no-nonsense verdicts and purchasing advice in every segment, plus definitive information on insurance, warranties, accessories and servicing.

Fuel price escalation brought fuel economy into sharp focus and gave rise to the What Car? True MPG testing platform. This gives car buyers a real-world economy figure for their next car - essential when you’re trying to juggle the household budget.

There are other unique tools, too, such as the new car depreciation calculator and the Target Price service, both of which help motorists control the costs of motoring. The free valuation service is an invaluable tool for owners who want to get a realistic trade-in price when doing the deal. For ultimate flexibility, owners of iOS devices can take What Car? expertise with them, in the form of the free What Car? Valuation app.

What Car? realises that the big car ownership decisions don’t stop when you drive off the forecourt. That’s why we publish the results of the annual JD Power Customer Satisfaction survey. We also want to know how buyers are treated by their dealers each year via the JD Power Dealer Satisfaction survey.

What Car? isn’t just about new cars, either. The Used Car reliability survey has been telling buyers which cars are most likely to land them with big servicing bills for years, while the Used Car of the Year Awards help buyers make an informed choice when shopping for pre-owned cars.

Where What Car? really diverges from other car review destinations is in its efforts to go beyond the obvious and getting to the heart of motoring matters. Our consumer desk offers advice to owners with problem vehicles, difficult dealers or other motoring maladies to get them back on the road as soon as possible.

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