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The What Car? website is many car buyer’s first stop when researching their next car purchase.

Launched in 1997, It is the essential car-buying guide, with no-nonsense verdicts and helpful advice whether shopping for new or used cars.

What Car? is best known for its car reviews and this underpins the site traffic, with the bulk of the 30 million visits made during 2012, looking for definitive verdicts on prospective purchases.

Whereas What Car? made its name with great car photos and writing on paper, the development of the digital side of the brand has bought more powerful means of communication to the editors. The same no-nonsense verdicts are served up but video now takes a front seat in everything that is done. Four million minutes of What Car? video were watched by site visitors in 2012.

Online is ideal for research so the What Car? website had a number of powerful tools to aid car buyers woven throughout it.

Perhaps the most significant is the True MPG tool. Government economy figures are widely acknowledged as being misleading and it was in order to better inform consumers that True MPG was created. Over 240 cars were tested in 2012, with each covering more than 50 miles on real roads. Complex emission monitoring kit records the information to give a real-world economy figure that buyers can trust.  

The free valuation service is an invaluable tool for owners who want to get a realistic trade-in price when doing the deal. Launched in 2011, the service has proved phenomenally popular with 152,000 valuations given per month in the first six months of 2013. Once a valuation is generated, users can download a certificate, giving them something to take onto the dealer forecourt, to strengthen their hand when doing the deal.

The Target Price service gives car buyers a figure to aim at when signing the cheque on a new car purchase. This unique service is possible thanks to hours of tireless data collection and collation which results in the best, achievable screen price for any chosen model. If all UK car buyers followed the Target Price advice, the savings would amount to £111m per year.

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