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What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision Awards

For nearly 30 years, the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards have provided a roll-call of the hottest home-entertainment products and steered consumers towards the best technology to buy for the year ahead.

The awards have often been credited with wielding the influence to make or break a manufacturer’s products. The Awards night, and the release of the accompanying magazine, remain a key event in the AV industry’s calendar.

The Awards section of the website continues to be one of the most most-visited, shaping consumers’ choice as to what to buy that year.

Every year, companies from the consumer electronics industry submit their latest kit to be reviewed in the magazine’s unique test facilities, often giving us products ahead of anyone else in the world. Up to 100 award-winning products, from speakers to TVs, smartphones to tablets, are chosen, with the winners representing the best music and movie kit available, whatever your budget.

The winners are unveiled at a prestigious event held in London, and are showcased in a special issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine, dedicated to the best products of the year.

The importance of the Awards can be seen by the appearance of the on key product packaging, advertising and in-store promotions around the world for the following 12 months, and help to shape the products that see in stores and offered by manufacturers.

Contacts at What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision Awards
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Email | Tel +44 (0) 2082675042
Chris Daniels, Sales Manager
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