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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine has been the world’s most trusted and respected source of impartial, expert buying advice for more than 37 years.

Readers of all types, from hi-fi and home cinema enthusiasts to those who simply require the effort taken out of their buying decisions, return time and again for independent advice that’s acknowledged as the most influential in the electronics industry.

Testing each and every product in a suite of dedicated test facilities, testing every product against its peers, and testing every product as a team means the conclusions we come to are reached collaboratively and in a consistent, controlled environment.

No other magazine (or website) can make such a claim, and consequently no other brand has the kind of global influence on manufacturers, retailers and consumers as What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision.

The magazine’s influence continues to grow as the range of products it tests - from turntables to smartphones - continues to expand. Now published in eight countries, with a worldwide readership of more than 1.6 million, the magazine is able to shape both the evolution and success of the products it reviews.

The rapidly expanding and increasingly influential www.whathifi.com website adds news, videos and one-to-one online advice to the brand’s armoury. And with as-live interaction possible on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, readers can engage and interact with the brand like never before.

Factor in its status of International Media Partner with CES (the world’s biggest and best consumer electronics expo), its annual Awards issue (where even the planet’s largest manufacturers avidly compete for honours that can guarantee a product’s global success) and the influence of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision is greater than ever.    

Vital statistics
Launched 1976
CirculationABC 34,330 (Jan – Dec 2012)
Frequency13 issues per year
Digital9.1 million unique users; 96 million page views (year to March 2011)
Global editions 
 SerbiaSouth Africa
Contacts at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision
Simon Lucas, Editor
Email | Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 5142
Chris Daniels, Sales Manager
Email | Tel +44(0)20 8267 5847
Andy Clough, Brand Editor
Email | Tel +44 (0) 2082675042
Jim James, Licensing Director
Email | Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 5110
List rental, reprints and syndication
Rutchie Gill, Account Manager
Email | Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 4654

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