We challenge ourselves to make a difference

Integrity is one of our core values. And we bring it to life through our charity partnerships and in the work we do to connect to our communities - whether by supporting educational projects or by working to reduce our environmental impact.

We support causes where we truly believe we can make a difference

The Wilderness Foundation

Every year, the Wilderness Foundation brings thousands of people into our wild spaces. In the wild, people experience a deep sense of belonging, centredness and peace. The Foundation helps people appreciate and preserve wild spaces for the future.

By doing this, they hope to create a legacy for the generations to come, who will also be able to experience the positive power of nature to change lives.

Visit The Wilderness Foundation website

The Mix

The Mix is the UK’s leading digital support service for young people. They exist to help individuals to take on any challenge they may be facing - from mental health to money, from homelessness to finding a job, from break-ups to drugs.

The Mix promote their services online, using social media or on their free, confidential helpline.

Visit The Mix website

Football Beyond Borders

FBB is an educational charity which uses football as an engagement tool to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Their mission is to use the beautiful game to create a more equal and inclusive society in which young people from low income backgrounds have the opportunity to develop the skills, attitude and character to succeed in education, work and public life.

Visit the Football Beyond Borders website

We believe in helping young people to build strong careers

We started our Skills Academy in 2014 to create the next generation of media stars. Our industry is constantly evolving, so investing in apprenticeships is the ideal way to ensure we benefit from the best new talent, while creating real career pathways for young people. Win: Win!

Our on-going partnerships with Richmond College and the new Richmond Upon Thames School allow us to contribute to improving the quality of education for young people in the borough, helping to create the innovators of tomorrow.

And our active involvement in the development of the Richmond Education and Enterprise Campus will give us an even bigger stake in developing the next generation of digital pioneers.

We take our responsibility to society seriously

We have fostered a culture which means our people want to participate in our community. Whether that’s supporting the local Foodbank at Christmas to giving employees time out of work to volunteer for a range of different charities and partners. And we are also committed to ensuring that our partners behave in the same ethical way we strive to - for instance, working hard to ensure that there is no modern slavery in our business or supply chain.

See our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking statement here.


We constantly strive to reduce our impact on the environment

We make a point of working with our suppliers to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. We’ve been accredited by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) Sustainability Index. The Index is the UK’s Gold Standard in terms of an organisation's performance on environmental, economic and social sustainability and Haymarket is among the top performing organisations in the Index.

We are also proud to have been named PPA Environmentally Sustainable Business of the Year on a number of occasions.

Read more about our commitment to the environment here.