Judge our business by our values

Our five values are not empty words to trot out at company meetings. Every judgement we make is benchmarked against them. So when you meet with Haymarket people, here's what you should expect.


Honesty works.

Integrity was once defined as good behaviour, even when no-one's looking. Look away from Haymarket, and we'll carry on helping specialist audiences with great content, and working hard to support the communities and worthwhile causes around us. If that's integrity, we have it.


Love solving problems.

Our deep knowledge allows us to be truly creative. We know our audience and client needs and have years of experience in making sense of their problems. We constantly strive to improve everything we do – from every online user journey to every printed page, live show or business conference.


Know too much.

We employ experts and we train people to become experts. That means we have faith in our teams – skilled and energetic people from diverse backgrounds with shared passions. Our clients value our expertise and the connections they’ve built with our communities.



Take the longer view.

Our independence runs deeper than being a privately owned company, free to choose our own path. It’s an attitude as much as a structure, and we believe it’s good for our audiences, clients and colleagues.


See change as fuel.

We think fast and embrace change. We have changed in ways we couldn’t possibly have imagined when we started in 1957. Our growth has called for strong vision, good planning and a passion for finding the right answers for our audiences and clients.