Windpower Monthly Conferences
Windpower Monthly Conferences
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Windpower Monthly Conferences

Windpower Monthly Events focus on bringing industry professionals working in the international wind industry together. Windpower Monthly Forums focus on bringing industry professionals together to provide an agenda-free platform to exchange experience, benchmark and discuss cutting-edge solutions to today’s – and tomorrow’s – industry challenges. All presentations are developed through in-depth research with the core market and vetted by senior wind practitioners to ensure content that is technical, solution-focused and reflective of the session description.Windpower Monthly Seminars provide topical, expert led information and supporting materials with an emphasis on upskilling and practical information in a workshop-style setting.

Each Windpower Monthly Event agenda is based on over 100 hours of in-depth market research with key industry stakeholders to ensure coverage of the hot-button issues shaping this global industry today.

With ample opportunities for networking and industry benchmarking with specific sections of the wind community,Windpower Monthly Events are an excellent source for both information updates and building relationships.

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