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Haymarket is the world’s best specialist media company.   

With over 100 franchise, licence and syndication partnerships in over 30 countries, creating content for digital, mobile, print and live events across our market-leading portfolio of brands. Become a partner, please fill out our media licensing request form.

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Haymarket can be your advantage in your market, using our franchise approach to global brand development across a range of Haymarket’s brands and content.

Win with the world’s best automotive content

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Franchise, Licence or Syndication Partnerships
We have the flexibility you need  

By joining our global network of partners, you can benefit from our expertise across consumer electronics, automotive, football and business media by building a franchise, licensing or syndicating our market-leading content across digital, print or live events.


Franchise & Licence Partnerships

  • Regional Haymarket Franchise opportunities

  • Full Brand Franchises

  • Brand Licensing

  • Branded digital content partnerships

Content Syndication

  • Video content

  • Digital content

  • Print content


  • Live Events  & Awards

  • Content Aggregation

  • Retail and affiliate partnerships


What You Get As A Partner

At Haymarket, we're hard-wired to produce brilliant content for our readers and users. And if you're a prospective partner, you'll find that we consider it a matter of honour to ensure that you get not just great results, but ideas that can influence how you do business.

If you’re a blogger, news media or agency and seeking to syndicate and/or license one or more of Haymarket’s brands, or if you’d like to create a Haymarket-branded website, product, editorial or other service offering, please get in touch

· World-leading brands, with excellent content and photography

· A global network of sites and brands to share with

· Access to international research and presentations

· Market intelligence and contacts

· Online, editorial, sales and marketing consultancy and training

· Proactive account management

· International partner conferences and forums


Download the Franchise, Licence or Syndication Partnerships Media Pack


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