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What Car? magazine has been Britain’s best guide to buying a car for almost 40 years.

What Car? has always prided itself on helping people to buy the right car, at the right price. It does not assume knowledge, expect people to know what they want or baffle them with industry jargon. What Car? is the plain English guide to all things motoring.

The main reason people pick up a copy of What Car? is to see in-depth, definitive and honest  car reviews. A unique part of What Car?’s review package are exclusive previews of new models, conducted by potential buyers. These Reader Test Teams allow real-world drivers the first look at a new car, as well as providing valuable feedback for manufacturers, ahead of the car’s launch.

Ride, handling and performance are all important aspects of car ownership that What Car? test, but real-world considerations such as boot space, grams of CO2 per kilometre, VED road tax rates, fuel economy and residual values are given the same prominence in reviews. These things are easy to overlook when deciding which car to choose, so What Car? educates car buyers to ensure they are fully in the picture. It’s part of what makes What Car? stand out from other motoring titles.

Something else which marks What Car? out as different are the stories that bring the concerns of motorists to the forefront. Dealer satisfaction, used car  and car ownership satisfaction reports, as well as the renowned What Car? Car of the Year awards are all invaluable tools to the car buyer looking for help in making the right decision.

What Car? also tackles subjects other car magazines leave alone. Repair costs, independent garages, insurance advice, safety, and motoring scams are all thoroughly investigated by the dedicated consumer team, who report their findings in the pages of What Car?.

Finally, information is the cornerstone of the comprehensive What Car? package. Readers who want to compare detailed car specs and evaluate complete data on every new model cannot get this in-depth information anywhere else. In addition, the What Car? experts and road testers also shortlist the best cars in each segment to help steer buyers in the right direction. It’s not as simple as popping figures in a table, however. As well as printing list prices, What Car? researches Target Prices for each new model, which gives shoppers the confidence to negotiate the price on their new car, to ensure they get the best possible car deal.
Vital statistics
Frequency13 times per year
CirculationABC 70,218 (Jan – Dec 2012)
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Chas Hallett, Editor in chief
Email | Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 5735
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Mike Gray, Sales Manager
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Andrew Golby, Publishing Director
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Classified Advertising
Catherine Rowe, Head of Motoring Retail
Email | Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 5276
Licensing and Syndication
Anna Maria McKeever, Syndication Sales Manager
Email | Tel +44 (0) 20 8267 5396

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