Haymarket keeps sustainability at the top of its agenda with CIPS industry excellence accreditation

We’re very pleased to report that Haymarket UK has once again scored well above the average in the annual Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Sustainability Index.

The Index is the UK’s Gold Standard in terms of an organisation’s performance on environmental, economic and social sustainability and Haymarket is among the top performing organisations in the Index.

Gary Charlton, our UK Head of Procurement, says: “We’ve come a long way since we joined the Index in 2014. This accreditation really does underline the hard work so many people across the UK business have put in. From the Facilities, HR, Finance, Production, Procurement and IT teams to everyone who has contributed to Haymarket’s charity initiatives, apprenticeship scheme, environmental improvements, Modern Slavery position and supply chain innovations.”

The Index covers three core areas:

Social – employment practice, philanthropy, people management and development

Economic – corporate governance, financial robustness and innovation

Environmental – environmental management, waste management, sustainable sourcing

Our 2017 scores are below, alongside the industry average for 2017.

Haymarket 2017 Industry Average 2017
Economic 82% 74%
Environmental 86% 76%
Social 89% 79%

Haymarket Executive Chairman Rupert Heseltine adds: “Sustainability isn’t just a nice to have for Haymarket – it’s a fundamental. Not only does it make good business sense, it’s also the signature behaviour of an organisation with integrity – and integrity is one of Haymarket’s core values. I’m very proud of all the hard work done all across our business on a daily basis that – cumulatively – puts us among the best in the CIPS Sustainability Index.”

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