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Haymarket is committed to social equity 

As a global business operating in diverse markets, Haymarket is inherently multicultural. We are committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in all that we do. Haymarket is a place where people can be themselves; where everyone has the same opportunities, regardless of skin colour, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender. 

Globally we are committed to attracting, developing and retaining talent who reflect the communities we serve. We equally recognise our broader responsibility to society as a whole and proactively aim to use our power and influence to drive diversity, equality, and inclusion within our markets and communities. We partner with Vercida, a specialist in workplace diversity and inclusion.

Haymarket is a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter and recently began the journey to achieving Disability Confident status. This involves completing three levels, of which we have already completed the first are on track to achieve level two status in 2022. 

Our four pillars of DEI are Recruit, Support, Educate and Celebrate. 

These are reflected in our five DEI networks, who help Haymarket champion difference and serve to create an environment in which everyone can be their authentic self. 

  1. Origin network considers Haymarket’s policies from the perspective of race, national origin, citizenship, religion and socioeconomic diversity
  2. Body & Mind focuses on health, fitness, physical disability and mental health and is guided by our four DEI pillars 
  3. Our Neurodiversity group represents neurodiversity in all of its forms, and supports individuals, families, children, friends and colleagues living with Neurodiversity, including Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia and  anxiety
  4. LGBTQ+ aims to work in tandem with Haymarket to create a safe, inclusive and equitable workplace for LGBTQ+ employees
  5. Our Balance network meets regularly to discuss issues relating to gender equality, flexible and hybrid working and support for working parents and carers. 

The four pillars are further echoed in Haymarket’s Skills Academy, creating the next generation of diverse, media talent. Since launching in 2014, we have welcomed more than 50 apprentices into numerous roles within Haymarket. And more than 75% have found full-time employment at Haymarket after completing their apprenticeship.

Haymarket Media Group is a socially and environmentally responsible business. 

As we serve our audiences, clients and communities, we are committed to driving the meaningful change necessary to build a better world. integrity and respect are at the heart of how we do business, as reflected in our values. Our approach is based on the three pillars of economic, environmental and social sustainability. 

We have a global sustainability team that represents our various divisions and is used as a forum to set objectives and communications to our colleagues. 

Key milestones include: 

  • Winning the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) award for being an Environmentally Sustainable Business: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2020, 2021 
  • Gaining accreditations for environmental and energy management (ISO 14001 and 50001) 
  • Only using paper from sustainable and fully traceable sources, using PEFC and FSC certified stocks
  • Posting our magazines wrapped in paper, or with no wrap, as opposed to clear plastic film

Carbon footprint and measurement: 

  • We are measuring the carbon footprint of our printed and digital products for our last financial year. Once we have completed this we will report on these alongside our Scope 1&2 emissions for the same period. 
  • We are reviewing methodologies and suppliers so that we can also measure the carbon footprint of our live events.
  • Our travel policy mandates that air travel should be used as a last resort, with a rationale that all other options have been exhausted
  • Targets to be achieved by 2023 include: 
    • All our premises to be powered by renewable energy
    • Our fleet to be electric or hybrid vehicles
    • Retaining our ISO accreditations
    • Improving the environmental performance of our buildings 
    • All plastic wrap to be removed from our magazines
    • To report on Scope 1& 2 emissions; 
    • To have produced at least one report on the Scope 3 emissions of our digital, printed and live event products
    • To continue to communicate our efforts to our colleagues and audiences.

Our Supply Chain: 

  • We are committed to understanding more about modern slavery and ensuring this doesn’t exist in our supply chain. We have used industry profiles from the Gangmasters & Labour Abuses Authority (GLAA) on the risks of modern slavery within our supply chain and adjusted our processes for supplier assessment accordingly
  • Training on modern slavery is madatory for all UK employees
  • We have a modern slavery policy, and a supplier code of conduct that is sent to all our suppliers, so that there is complete transparency on the principles that are important to us
  • Targets to be achieved by 2023 include: 
    • Assess all suppliers in the areas of risk
    • Provide training on modern slavery for all new and current colleagues
    • Continuously assess the risk in our supply chain to identify and remove modern slavery
    • Publish an annual statement on our approach and process


  • We are members of the Professional Publisher Association’s Sustainability Action Group
  • We have signed up to the Advertising Association’s Ad Net Zero initiative – a commitment to curtail industry carbon emissions, principally by reducing travel, fossil energy use and waste
  • We are working with the independent universal sustainability ratings provider, Ecovadis, to audit our approach to environmental, social, and ethical performance
  • Targets to be achieved by 2023 include:
    • Produce at least one benchmark of our current approach and to take action as a result of the findings
    • Develop our sustainable live events policy and processes 
    • Attempt to make at least two events ISO 20121 (sustainable event management)

Sustainable procurement:

  • In 2022 we are introducing ISO 20400 standards to our procurement processes. The standards provide guidance to businesses, independent of their activity or size, on integrating sustainability within procurement
  • Targets to be achieved by 2023 include:
    • Benchmark current suppliers in the identified criteria to understand  how they can help us to improve our environmental performance
    • To build these processes into new procurement practices for all suppliers in the identified criteria and to report on progress.

Haymarket in the community:

  • Haymarket’s UK charity partner is Skylarks, local to our Twickenham HQ. Skylarks supports and provides services to children with additional needs, as well as offering a support network for the whole family too
  • We partnered with them four years ago, carrying out numerous fundraisers including marathons and strenuous bike rides
  • As live events are such a big part of Haymarket, we’re able to raise money at many of our awards and conferences. Many employees get involved and being local means we can visit Skylarks centre and see the impact of the funds we raise for them too

In 2021 alone we have exceeded our annual fundraising target of £35,000, with an ambitious target of £80,000 for 2022

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