Haymarket awarded three trees in the WWF’s 2019 Timber Scorecard

On Tuesday 9 July, the WWF published their 2019 Timber Scorecard report and awarded Haymarket the highest rating for sustainable timber performance.

The scorecard – the last in a three-part series – assesses businesses on their timber product sourcing policies and performance and assigns them with a score from 0 Trees (no/limited evidence of policies in place) to 3 Trees (performing well against procurement policies).

The Scorecard aims to stimulate further transparency, inform consumers and support national and international commitments in the procurement of sustainably sourced timber products.

This means that Haymarket is performing well against the requests WWF makes regarding the purchasing of timber and wood products, and there are public commitments in place to continue on a trajectory of sustainable business practices.

On hearing the news, Head of Procurement, Gary Charlton, said: “I am delighted to hear that our commitment to sourcing sustainable wood and paper products has been recognised by the WWF. All the paper we use is from sustainable sources and are either PEFC or FSC certified. This recognition demonstrates our commitment to the Haymarket Sustain strategy, where we strive to reduce the waste we produce in our daily working lives to minimise our environmental impact.”

The 3 Trees score joins a collection of sustainability achievements for Haymarket in recent years, including the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, and the CIPS Sustainability Index accreditations.

For more information, visit our Responsibility page.

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